Thursday, February 3, 2011

Excuses, Excuses....

So I wasn't deliberately hiding from you guys. Honest. We got hit with the cold/flu/sneezing/coughing/feeling rotten/wish we lived someplace warmer/why haven't they invented the cure for the common cold/who ate all the chicken soup kind of bug. Yeah...not a pretty picture.

So I thought about blogging. I even tried a few times. But somewhere between the pile of tissues and the NyQuil and the drippy, sneezy kids, I just gave up. The only thing I wanted to write about was the perfect proportion of bubble bath to hot water. Actually that's what I really wanted to research...extensively. But again, two sick kids doesn't always equal quality bubble bath time.

I'd like to say we're all back to our cheerfully chipper and healthy selves, but I just spent over an hour at the pediatrician's office waiting for eye drops for Ella's brand new case of pink both eyes. Woohoo, let's hear for conjunctivitis. On the bright side, Ella's response to pink eye (after tearfully asking if she had to have surgery) was to say, "well, at least pink is my favorite color." Gotta love my silver lining girl.

So now I'm trying my best to keep Thing One and Thing Two (aka Ella and Jack) from playing with the same toys in order to hopefully keep Jack from catching pink eye too. But of course the only toys they want to play with are whatever toys the other sibling is currently enjoying. Ah, the joys of infectious diseases.

Anyway, with the exception of engaging in some tactical germ warfare, I'm better and hopefully back. I have some wonderful tidbits to share about working from home and men in grocery stores. Guess which one is more frustrating.

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