Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm Not Actually a Cartoon Character

So in an attempt to make my blog more personal (as if the details of my husband's dirty laundry...literally...see here...aren't personal enough) I decided to add a profile photo to the blog page. Ugh.

It's not that I'm hiding anything from you, my dear and faithful readers. But I am not a camera person. I don't like having my picture taken. Actually, despise, loathe, dread, run screaming in a zig-zag pattern from anyone holding a camera would be more apt. I never take a good picture. Ever. And whenever someone manages to talk (bribe, threaten or beat) me into posing for a picture, I end up looking like a squinty-eyed munchkin. Oh, I'm also short...there's more personal info for you.

Anyway, so perhaps you can imagine the hours of angst that my simple, "gee, I should have a picture on the blog" resulted in. I have been through years of stored digital photos, watched my kids grow up in slideshow format and still couldn't find a picture I wouldn't mind sharing. True of the thousands of photos I looked at I was only in about ten of them, but still there wasn't a good one in any of those lonely ten. I was pretty much left with the "just had a baby" pictures (no one should see that), the tear streaked "my husband just returned from war" and a few scary red-eyed "who is going to clean up this mess" holiday pictures.

What's a shy, camera-phobic blogger to do? Fortunately there's an app for that. Well, not an app. Clip art. Click, click, click and voila...there's me up in the corner. Me if I were blonde, skinny and animated. The chocolate cake is about right though.

So there you go, now you can put a face to the funny. Unless it's not funny in which case I'm glad it isn't a real picture because if you actually knew me and didn't like me I'd probably cry.


  1. I barely know you and I like you. I like your blog. I like your relationship with chocolate. I like your sock war with your husband. I like your appreciation for word games and mispronunciations.

    My son started a blog for his trip to Gabon. I'd like to share it with you.


    Perhaps that is horrible blog ettiquette to send a blogger another blogger's link. Miss Manners doesn't even have a chapter on this- the rat fink. If it is my bad manners- I'm terribly sorry. But I might be feeling more than average proud today, and sometimes he's funny, too.

    What is your favorite kind of chocolate? (Oh, please don't say white chocolate.....)

    1. David and/or Lisa...or both...you guys are the best! Anyone who can call Miss manners a rat-fink definitely makes my favorite people list. I've been over to your son's blog and it's awesome! You should be extra proud, what an amazing adventure.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words. Both are greatly appreciated.

      Oh, and my favorite chocolate is dark chocolate. White chocolate doesn't count as chocolate. :)

  2. See? One more thing to like about you. Two, if I also count your excellent taste in new blogs. :D

  3. Hmmm . . . I could dig out some old college pictures of you being woke up and kidnapped for a Denny's trip on your birthday? Would you like that? (Heather)

    1. That won't be necessary. :) Don't feel obligated to look for those photos EVER. I'm sure they're gone. Destroyed. Buried forever. Why trouble yourself? :)