Monday, December 20, 2010

I Never Thought I'd Say This...

but I may be sick of chocolate. *Gasp* Temporarily, of course.

You see, it's Christmas and as is my usual tradition I have been up to my elbows in making a ridiculous amount of chocolate filled, chocolate coated, chocolate covered, chocolate dipped and, well, just chocolate goodies. Yep, I have gone wildly Willy Wonka. And my helpful Oompa-Loompas, also known as Ella and Jack are desperate to sample everything. Which is really a terrifying thought...small children hyped up on dark chocolate. I'm not actually sure how loud they can scream, but I'm pretty sure a few of my homemade dark chocolate truffles would solve that mystery.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I was filling chocolate shells with the most amazing dark chocolate raspberry ganache filling. And I mean it's crazy good. Believe it or not it started out as a goof-up. I intended to make a firm ganache and dip the centers in chocolate, but I had a double boiler catastrophe. I don't have a real double boiler so I was improvising with a large pot and a glass mixing bowl. Well, apparently I miscalculated the sizes and the bowl slipped inside the pan and stuck. Really stuck. Drat.

So quick thinking candy maker that I am, I scooped out as much of the chocolate as I could, added it to the raspberry mixture and thought I managed to save the batch. Alas, I did not. I didn't rescue enough chocolate to make the ganache firm enough to dip. But, it tasted sooooooo good there was no way I could toss it out. So, again with my candy making brilliance...or desperation, whatever, I decided to make chocolate shells and use the too soft ganache as a filling. And it is AWESOME! I'm already trying to figure out how much of the chocolate I lost so I can recreate the goof-up. Which makes my goof-up not a goof-up, but in fact a flash of genius. Ha ha!

But in the process of sampling the utter chocolate bliss (for quality control purposes of course), making and filling the bite-size yummies and basically smelling, handling and occasionally wearing chocolate for most of the day...yep, I may have reached my chocolate limit. Which is eye opening, because truthfully I didn't think that was possible.

So you know...too much of a good thing is...uh...bad. And when life hands you lemons ganache. Well, you get the whole moral of the story thing, right?

Oh, and if I show up at your house Christmas Eve with a present...try to act surprised. :)


  1. if you're having trouble getting rid of that chocolate, I know someone who will take it off your hands ;)
    Thanks for being back! Shel

  2. Christmas is here! Santa has brought chocolate back. We are all so very joyed the Michelle is back gracing the airwaves....internet waves with her genius.

  3. Michelle, we Artists don't ever call them mistakes. They are "design decisions". :) Love you, Sis!

  4. Hi! Stopping by this time from the Hip Homeschool Hop. LOVE THIS POST! Sounds like you did an amazing goof-up. :-) Blessings!