Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Melting.....

No this isn't another chocolate post. It's too cold out here for the chocolate to melt. Have I mentioned lately that I hate the cold? No? Well, I guess that post will be coming soon. Anyhooo...

It is my Merciless Mommy heart that's melting. This same Mommy who refuses to allow snow days (see above...I hate the cold) has granted my children a two week Christmas Break. What??? I know, shocked the stuffin' out of me too. Even Ella looked at me like I had lost my mind.

We had planned for them to have next week off because Major Dad has the whole week off from work and my Mom will be visiting. But I intended to make them work this week. Including Christmas Eve...I know what a Grinch, right? And my sweet children were blissfully unaware that pretty much every other kid in the US has this week off too.

Well, I finally decided that working on Christmas Eve was too mean, even for me. So I gave them the week off. Yeah, yeah I'm going all soft and squishy. But it was worth it to see Ella do her little happy dance in the kitchen. And then Jack, who didn't know why he was happy, joined in too.

And the Merciless Mommy's heart grew three sizes that day and all the Who's down in Homeschool Who-ville rejoiced in their goofy Who ways.


  1. You can never have too many Mommy kiddy days.
    Love all around.
    Pops ;]

  2. I had planned to do school through Wednesday of this week, but I did school Monday and a couple of "wrap-up" things on Tuesday and dismissed.

    I think a little vacation for both mom and kids can rejuvenate all of us!

  3. Amen to a vacation! We had baking "lessons" instead. :) Thanks for your comments.