Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolute-ness

It's that time again. A time for looking back over the past year with hopefully more smiles than tears. And it's a time to make those big, lifestyle change decision we affectionately (or resentfully) call New Year's resolutions.


Confession time...I'm not good at New Year's resolutions. Not good at making them, even worse at keeping them. So this year I've decided that instead of making a resolution, I'm going to be resolute. Resolute in my faith, resolute in following the Lord, resolute in my peace (oh, there's a big one) no matter what. I looked up the word and here are some of the definitions I found.

Resolute: firm or determined; unwavering; firm in purpose or belief; steadfast.

So as I was searching and pondering the meaning of "resolute" I started to think of Isaiah 52:12 which says, "for the Lord will go before you, the God of Israel will be your rear guard."

That's a great passage for the New Year because it reminds us that God never leads us to a place that He has not already been. Wherever we go according to His will, He has already prepared the way for us. He goes before us and His glory remains with us to be our shield as we follow. No matter how difficult things may be, God has already been through it first and He has made a way. We just need to trust Him and be resolute in following him.

So friends, whatever the New Year will bring, whatever happiness or sadness will come, we can step into it with confidence and joyful expectation because God has gone before us. There is no uncharted territory, no unknown land, because God is already there.

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