Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Dog Ate My Blog

"Knock, knock..."

(peering timidly around the corner)

"Anybody here?"

(crickets chirping in the distance)

Ahem. Soooooo...been a while, huh? You're looking good. Have you been working out? How 'bout them...uh...sports team that you root for?

Ok, I know, I know. A blogger should blog. Hence the er part of blogger. (hanging my head in shame...really, I's kinda pitiful) I'm sorry. I have a whole list of excuses, some of which I will share, but I hope you, my faithful readers will forgive me.

Unless it's been so long that you're looking at this blog title with a polite, but slightly confused smile, trying to figure out who I am and if you should know me. Kind of like a high school reunion. It's ok, just smile and nod and sip your punch, eventually the dj will play something we all know and it will be just like old times.

So 9 months of blogging silence summed up in one grammatically incorrect sentence...husband came home from combat (all fingers, toes and other body parts accounted for, Praise the Lord!), finished homeschooling 2nd grade, frantic summer family fun, adopted a dog and started homeschooling 3rd grade and preschool. Toss in a few meltdowns, a lot of chocolate and you get the picture.

And now, back by popular demand...the blog resumes! Well, maybe not popular demand. Pretty much just a few really sweet, and persistent friends (I'm looking at you, Shelly & Nora!) But how about that last post, huh? "Waiting like David." Get it? Waiting...cause you know, I made you wait for so long. It was accidental irony...the best kind. Ha ha! Oh, right, only funny to me. Sorry.

So leave a comment (how do you like the new look?), say a prayer, tune in tomorrow and pass it on to your friends.

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  1. Woooo Hoooo!!! She's baaaack! I am so excited to be reading this blog again! I love my wife and am so glad to see this back up and running.