Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun With Beeswax

Last week we finished up our study of the Exodus and God's covenant with the Israelites at Mt. Sinai. We studied the Ten Commandments, the Tabernacle and Jewish Holidays. And for our creative hands-on project, Ella and I made hand rolled beeswax Shabbat and Havdallah candles. And it was really fun.

Now before you go thinking that I also made the beeswax in some hyper-handy Martha Stewart moment, let me confess that I bought the beeswax. May I direct you back to my previous declaration that I LOVE Amazon.com. I found a kit that came with a variety of colored beeswax sheets and cotton wicks (and free shipping!). Then I found a site that explained in a thorough and easy way...with pictures...how to roll Havdallah candles. You can check it out at www.chadiscrafts.com

Now the Shabbat candles are lit at the beginning of the Sabbath and Havadallah candles are lit at the end of the Sabbath. So we made a few of each. We started out very simply rolling one sheet of beeswax into a candle and then we got daring and started cutting the beeswax at an angle to make a different shape candle. Then we started rolling two colors together. I know, living on the beeswax edge. We even wrapped two candles together to make the two wick Havdallah candles.

Ella loved this project. I showed her one time how to roll the candles and she was off and rolling like a pro. And bonus, the candles actually work! We have been eating dinner by candlelight every night.

This is a great, fun craft for the whole family. It would also be perfect for a rainy day activity. The supplies are reasonably priced, especially if you compare prices online. And the process is very simple. You have to keep an eye on the edges of the beeswax to make sure you're rolling evenly and the beeswax will crack if it's too cold or stiff. But it's pretty cool to light a candle that you made yourself.

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