Friday, February 5, 2010

Too Much Information

So here we are getting all cozy and snuggled in, preparing to wait out the storm and building up our arm muscles to dig ourselves out in a few days. In preparation for the ridiculous amount of snow we're supposed to get, I have stocked up on food, water, batteries for the flashlights, glow sticks for the kids, and I pulled extra blankets out of the closet and finished the laundry so we can at least freeze in clean clothes.

I also made sure we have plenty of no cooking required meal fixin's. One of the things I made was hard boiled eggs. Ella and I both love eggs. Jack, well, he's still on the fence. But even if he won't eat 'em, he has plenty to say about 'em. Here's Jack's response to hard boiled eggs. "Awwwww, little baby chicks. So cute. Such cute little babies."

Yeah, that kinda makes it difficult for me to enjoy eating eggs. Ella on the other hand replies, "yes, Jack, little baby chicks. Yummy." Then she chomps down right in front of him. Yep, that's my little carnivore. Fortunately Jack doesn't seem terrorized by his big sister's unrepentant egg munching.

But it does make me wonder...have I taken Jack's education a bit too fast? He loves animals. So we read books about animals, we watch the kids animal shows on tv and we play animal games. But when Jack starts calling hard boiled eggs "baby chicks" maybe its time to steer away from animals for a least the animals that we eat.

Happy Friday!


  1. Actually, I think we're all a bit too insulated from the realities of where our food comes from. Recognizing God's providence in supplying us with animals to eat is a good thing. Eggs don't just come from little cartons in the store. There are people who work hard to raise and care for chickens who produce those handy little pre-packaged units of protein and carbs. God-designed packing even, totally biodegradable!

  2. "so we can at least freeze in clean clothes" *chuckling* I love you! And by that I mean, I so get you ;) Stay warm and safe out there. I don't want you to end up teaching any kind of First Aid!