Friday, February 19, 2010

Unexpected Answers to Prayer

God hears every prayer. And God answers every prayer. But sometimes we miss His answer because when it comes it isn't what we expected, or what we wanted. If we sincerely place our petition before God's throne of grace, then we have to be willing to let God be God. Our prayers are not offered in faith if we're telling God what His answer should be. It doesn't matter how many pretty religious words we use to dress it up, if we're not giving God the right to answer according to His will, then we're not asking for anything...we're trying to tell the God of the universe what to do.

I had to re-learn that lesson this week. And it's amazing that no matter how many times the Lord has to humble me in order to teach me, He always raises me right back up. So here's my lesson: My husband got to come home for two weeks leave over Christmas and then at the beginning of January he had to return to his unit in Afghanistan. It was a very difficult goodbye for Jack who is old enough to know that Daddy is gone, but not old enough to understand why. Ever since my husband left, Jack has been having nightmares and trouble sleeping. And I think I have already admitted that I don't handle sleep deprivation well, so the middle of the night wake-ups were really wearing me down.

But I kept praying in faith that God would help Jack sleep. Then this week Jack decided to stop napping. And this did not make me happy. I like nap time. I need nap time. So I was praying really, really hard for Jack to keep taking naps. And I was really, really annoyed every day he didn't. Then I finally noticed something. When Jack didn't take a nap, he slept soundly through the whole night.

I had been praying for nearly two months for Jack to sleep peacefully at night. Now he does. But he doesn't nap anymore, which is a difficult change for me. But God didn't say that every answer to a prayer would be easy or painless. Sometimes God leads us into a temporary difficulty to bring us to a permanent blessing.


  1. Why is there no "share" function? Or is there one and I am just too blind to see it? Because, Michelle, your words are powerful and I think I need to start pointing other people in this direction. I have at least one other person I know who homeschools, and I think she'd appreciate your spirit. So, for lack of a better way to do it, I'm just going to post a link on my FB page. Because you are too good not to be read. Love you!

  2. Love you Caty! Thank you for the encouragement and for the FB link. Feel free to share makes me happy. There is an email function on the posts. Just click on the little envelope with the arrow next to the post time.

  3. there are alot of things i've needed to hear in the last few weeks.. and without a doubt, your words here have brought me to place that no other person, work of literature, or discussion could've done..

    you don't know me, but for these paragraphs, i thank you with all of my heart.

  4. What a beautiful reminder for all of us, Michelle! They do say, "be careful what you wish for," and I often think that applies to prayer, too. You'll have to get Caty to tell you the story of Ange's mother-in-law and the need to be specific in prayer. It's a great one. ;)

    I'm always amazed at the "blessings in disguise" that God gives us and the amazing way He works. All things come to good for those that love Him. I pray you get restful nights and still have a chance to nap every now and then! :)