Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Not Crazy

I'm beginning to think I've either completely lost my mind (hey, you don't have to agree so quickly) or there's a massive conspiracy among children's bedroom furniture manufacturers to make me think I've lost my mind. Yep, definitely the second option. And I'm not falling for it! I'm on to you, you sneaky furniture makers.

Ok, let me back up a smidge. About 6 months ago Major Dad and I saw the coolest kid's bed ever. Seriously, EVER. I saw it in an ad from the base exchange (which is like the big department store on a military base) and I immediately decided Jack would love it. Ready? Ok, it's a twin bed with...wait for it...a treehouse on top. A treehouse! It's awesome. There's even a little ladder to climb up. It's so cute, I can't help myself, I must squeal with delight...eeeeeee!!

Major Dad agreed that it's the perfect bed for our little monkey, but we didn't get it because it was out of our budget. So now, months later...well, its still out of our budget but I thought I'd see if I could find it somewhere else a little cheaper. And guess what (dun, dun, dunnnnn) the bed is gone.

Not just sold out or out of stock. I mean erased from history. There is no evidence that our monkey's treehouse bed ever existed. I don't even want to tell you how much time I have spent online trying to find that bed. Google was my best friend yesterday and I still couldn't find it. And I know it's out there. I saw it. Really. I did! My husband will back me up on this. But, poof, it's vanished.

Of course now I really want it. Still can't afford it, but that's not the point. It's the principle of the thing. You understand, right?

Sooooooo, loyal and trustworthy readers, if you happen to see a treehouse bed anywhere, would you 1) drop me a little note and 2) make sure you document your find with at least two witnesses and take photographic evidence of your discovery...because locating the elusive treehouse bed is a apparently a major find.

Happy weekend!


  1. have you thought about making it on your own??? ;) bet we could do THAT!

  2. did ya see this one??? only $4345 unpainted. More if you wanted them to paint it .. beck heck, I'd help you paint the thing!

  3. Thanks, Shel! We're still looking but I sure appreciate your research! I'm hiring you for all future investigations. :)

  4. LOL!! We did something similar once, with a princess castle bed. =)
    I bed you could make your own version and make it even better. =)

    (Hopping over here, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!)