Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When Your Invisible Friend Doesn't Want to Play

The following in an actual conversation between Ella & Jack...who I may rename Abbott & Costello.

Ella: Ring, ring. (she picks up a toy cell phone) Oh, hello, Emma. Yes, I would love to come over for a slumber party.

Jack: I wanna come!

Ella: You can't come, it's girls only.

Jack: I wanna be a girl.

Ella: Well you can't be a girl. You're a boy.

Jack: I'm not a boy! I'm a man!
(remember, he's 4)

Ella: Fine, you're a man. But you're not a girl. (Back to the toy cell phone...again, it's a TOY...there's no one on the other end) Sorry Emma, that's my bruh-thuuur.

Jack: Tell Emma I wanna come!

Ella: I told you it's just girls! Do you want to get your nails painted and get a makeover and get dressed up?

Jack: Yes.

Ella: Ugh! (
grabbing another toy cell phone) Ring, ring. Jack, it's Tony, he wants you to come over to HIS house.

Jack: Yippee! Mommy, Mommy, Mommy...Tony said I can come over.

Ella: Jack, it's just pretend. Tony didn't really call.

Jack: But Tony's my friend.

Ella: I know. But he's not on the phone.

Jack: But he is.

Ella: No, he's not.

Jack: But you said he is.

Ella: Jack, listen to me. Tony isn't on the phone. It's a toy phone. There's no one on the phone. Because it's not a real phone. We're just playing, see? It's...a...toy!

(with the most pitiful broken-hearted expression you have ever seen). Oh. Now can I come to Emma's with you?

Ella: Mommy!

I of course pretended not to hear her outraged cry of utter frustration. I was too busy laughing.


  1. I thought I'd die laughing!!!!Thanx so very much for sharing your love and special munchkins. Can't think where they might have gotten that imagination. ;]
    Love to all.

  2. Oh the tears.....tears of laughter that are blurring my vision. The visual in my head of their conversation is so very clear. Adorable. Love you all, G Lyn