Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Daughter the Political Commentator

So yesterday we had to clean up the basement/homeschool room. Don't worry it's a finished basement, carpet and everything. I don't make them work in some dark cellar next to boxes of Christmas decorations and the dust covered treasures we inherited from Great-Grandma's attic (all that stuff is in the storage closet). See, good mommy homeschooler.

Anyway, after we finished schoolwork Hurricane Ella and Tornado Jack collided in a perfect storm of blocks, Legos, dolls and a marathon shopping game which involved Jack running a store and Ella buying pretty much everything in the basement...which is also our family room so there's a bunch of stuff for an 8 year old with a pocket full of play money to splurge on. Now, being the Merciless Mommy that I am, I declared that the room had to be clean before we could have dinner and go to church.

On a side note, it absolutely amazes me that kids can completely destroy a room in mere minutes and then take countless, feet dragging hours to put it back in order. My kids can go from 60-0 mph in the amount of time it takes me to announce, "clean up time!" But I digress...

So, as we're digging out from the toy storm (and I say we because Merciless Mommy isn't heartless...I did help), Ella and I got to work putting the play money away. I bought this really awesome Melissa and Doug play money set last year when Ella was learning how to count and add money and it helped sooooo much. Well, the bills are surprisingly realistic. Not that I'm going to try to pass them off at the grocery store or anything, but the images are really good.

Well, Ella looked at the $10 bill and said, "look, Mommy, it's Thomas Jefferson." And I was pretty impressed. We're studying American history and we've been reading about Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers so the fact that she recognized the guy was fairly high on my cool list. Then she points to the $1 bill and says, "and there's George Washington." Again, Mommy was impressed and feeling pretty good about our history program.

She didn't know the other gentlemen so I named them for her and when we got to the $100 bill I said, "and this is Benjamin Franklin. Did you know he's the only one of these men who wasn't President of the United States?"

And Ella replied, "well, I guess that's why he's worth so much."


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