Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beyond the Blessing

I've had a very specific prayer request lately and today is the deadline so to speak. It is a measurable, quantifiable request that is going to be measured and quantified today. I have asked the Lord to step in and take charge of this situation and today I'll see what God has done. And no matter what, I will still love Him.

As I have been praying about this situation I started to see that when God blesses us, the blessing isn't meant to stay with us. When God touches our lives, His work isn't just for us. It's meant to be shared. If the Lord has blessed you, in any way, you have the opportunity to bless someone else. Your testimony of God's faithfulness or patience or healing is a tool God wants to use to reach others.

Did God answer YOUR prayer? Yes. Did He do it because He loves YOU? Yes. Did He want to bless YOU? Yes. But if you keep that blessing to yourself and lock it away in the vault of your heart and only pull it out when you need encouragement, then you're only getting part of the gift God gave you. We are called to tell about the great things God has done and invite others to know the power and majesty of our Lord.

And the amazing thing is the more we tell the story, the more powerful the blessing becomes. It may have been a one-time miracle in our practical life, but it becomes a never ending river of blessing in our spiritual life if we simply open our hearts and our mouths and tell others about it.

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  1. Yes, my prayer was answered because there really is a GOOD blog out there about things that really matter. This is being written after digesting the thoughts of a paid, voluminous writer, with a website published blog play-by-play of "The Bachelor", including its assorted commercial breaks. Some things are amusing to watch, and some things are amusing to read. Some things are one or the other, and some things are neither. You manage to capture and express pictures and emotions in words, for free. Which makes this circumstance somewhere existing in the land of the 'not quite right'. Thanks for so freely sharing a priceless insight.