Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guinea Pig Cage Match

Now before you go calling PETA and the SPCA to report me for guinea pig cruelty based on the title of this post, read the whole thing through. Deal?

Here's how it started, hubby and I decided to get our adorable children a pet. We currently have a fish but he's rather un-cuddly and non-petable. So after some research we decided on a guinea pig. Cute, cuddly and poops in a cage and not on my floor. All good things. Then, upon further research we decided to get two guinea pigs since we discovered that guinea pigs are social critters who need the company of their piggie pals.

So off we go to the pet store. I spoke with the saleslady who actually told me not to get two piggies. Well, when confronted with the expertise of someone wearing a name tag, I caved in and left with just one guinea pig. We got home, got him all set up in his new guinea pig palace and called it a day. Well, when hubby asked me, via text message, how it was going and I explained that our guinea pig was flying solo, he disagreed with the pet store helper...and of course the kids sided with daddy.

So the next day we headed back to the store to pick up a piggie friend. Unfortunately, the first guinea pig was apparently unaware of his social nature because he did not welcome his new roommate. After about 3 minutes he tried to climb on top of the new guy and bite his head. Yep, guinea pig cage match and the new guy got his furry bottom kicked.

It was a tough call (not really, I'm not a fan of macho guinea pig battles) but we took the aggressive guinea pig back to the store and grabbed one of the new guy's litter mates instead. Now the guinea pig brothers have been re-united and all is well. But I'm pretty sure the guy who got thumped told his brother all about how he kicked the bully guinea pig's tail-less rear end all the way back to Petco. I mean, that's what I would do.

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  1. Clearly the little piggies need to be renamed Hulk Hogan and Mr. T or something like that! Or maybe Rocky and Rambo.