Friday, March 5, 2010

I Hate Flashcards

A while back I shared how I lost 2 hours of my life making flashcards by hand for my darling Ella. Well, Ella has now moved on to multiplication. And what does that mean? That's right, more flashcards. Can you feel my joy?

So this time around I decided to just buy the stupid flashcards. It's not giving up. I prefer to think of it as delegation. I delegated the work to a large corporation...and then I compensated them for their work. See how that rationalization works. Ok honestly, I just didn't want to do it.

So after Ella's ice skating lesson today, we stopped by a teaching supply store and I found the exact kind of flashcards I wanted. Double-sided with answers on one side and no answers on the flip side. Mission accomplished. Then we get home and Ella was so excited about the new cards that she asked if she could open them and do a few. My daughter begging to do math? Have at it!

Then I had to go make a phone call. And it all went downhill from there. When I finished the call Ella said, "Mommy, I'm in the 4's!" I went into the living room and nearly fell over. There's my Ella, with a big smile on her face and Sharpie in her hand. She was writing the answers on all the cards. On the no answer side! I'm pretty sure my eyes popped out of my head because Ella took one look at me and burst into tears.

I made brownies.

Now I have to glue little pieces of paper over the all Sharpie scrawled answers so we can actually use the blasted cards. I'm so very, very happy I decided not to spend all that time making flashcards.

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