Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jack and the Purple Poop

Ok, if you have issues with bathroom vocabulary or if you just really, really don't care for stories about my adorable 3 year old, then this post won't be for you. Feel free to click away and come back tomorrow for something profoundly deep and inspirational. But today I have a story that is just too funny not to share.

My sweet little boy Jack, also known as the mini-monkey boy of destruction, is in the process of potty training. Sigh. I am not a fan of this stage of development. I have yet to figure out the most effective way to explain in 3 year old speak the complex process of knowing when to go and, more importantly, where to go. So it's still a work in progress.

For the past few weeks Jack has been wandering around the house wearing only a t-shirt and Toy Story pull-ups. He's hit and miss on actually using the potty at the right time...oh, that wasn't meant as a commentary on his aim, but it works that way too. Well, the other day I looked at my half-naked Toy Story warrior and noticed that he looked like he was smuggling a present in his pull-up. You know what I mean. His caboose was dragging a bit. The trunk was full.

So, being the pro-active, always teaching mom that I am, I asked him, "Jack, did you go poop?" And, being the busy 3 year old that can't be bothered with minor details like diaper changes that he is, Jack replied, "nope."

Of course I didn't believe him so I scooped him up and took him upstairs to change his droopy drawers. And I laughed so hard I almost cried. Because what did I find waiting for me behind Buzz and Woody's smiling faces? A piece of purple chalk. Yep, chalk. And not a small piece either. And guess what else? When you keep chalk next to your skin, the color rubs off on you. That's right, purple monkey bottom. Apparently Jack decided that pull-ups make a good place to store things. Kind of like pockets. Pockets that you poop in.


  1. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Goes along with the purple raccoon ;]!
    Love to all

  3. I have no issues talking potty ... I thought for sure you were going to tell us his poop was indeed purple. My son has had green poop - I mean Crayola crayon GREEN poop (not the I'm sick green poop). I later found that it was from blue frosting.
    LOVE YOU! Shel