Monday, March 1, 2010

When Perfectionists Decorate

I know, I know. I missed like four days of posting. I'm in danger of losing my Most Awesome Blogger of the Year Award. What you didn't know about that? Oh yeah, it's a big deal. Fancy dresses, red carpet, wait, that's the Oscars.

Anyway, I've been up to my elbows in buttercream icing for the past few days making a cake for a friend's baby shower, and I didn't think my keyboard would appreciate getting all clogged up with high fat, high sugar icing globules. The good news is that the cake turned out utterly fabulous...and my computer is icing free.

But the whole cake adventure got me thinking, and you know what happens when I get to thinking. Here's a lesson: perfectionism and cake decorating are a rotten combination. I mean an up until midnight, redesigning part of the cake at 10:00pm the night before the event because the cutesy buttons bugged me kind of rotten combination. The cake was adorable and fine with the cutesy buttons. But the buttons were mocking me with their "it's nice, but it could be better" button face smirks. So I had to pull them off and make bows instead. And it was totally worth it. But my point is...perhaps perfectionist people should stay away from labor intensive, detail oriented hobbies.

Of course having said that, any true perfectionist reading this is going to immediately insist that labor intensive, detail oriented hobbies are exactly what perfectionists do best and to prove it they're already making plans to assemble a scale model of the Titanic (pre-iceberg) inside a vintage glass Coke bottle. Yep, those are my people.

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