Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1, 2, 3...Go!

For us homeschooling was more of a 1...2...2 1/4...2 1/2...wait, are we sure? We had been discussing it and praying about it for months and even when the Marine Corps helped our decision along, I was a mass of uncertainty, insecurity and dread. Yes, I said it, dread. I was terrified that I was going to permanently damage our children and turn their brains to mush. I was afraid that being home with them all day, every day would slowly drive me insane and turn me into the creepy lady who screams at the squirrels.

And I'll be honest, I'm still a little afraid of all those things. But here's what I'm holding on to..."Commit your path to the Lord, trust also in Him." Psalm 37:5. Captain Daddy and I prayed over this decision, we sought counsel from people we trust and went over every aspect of this decision...in mind numbingly, bordering on obsessive detail. That was all me, by the way, I'm the nutty compulsive one in the family. And after all of that, I still had a minor panic attack when we finally pulled Ella out of the school. Ok, major panic attack, but no hyper-ventilating.

I was second guessing the decision even before we made the decision. And trust me, that takes a special kind of insecurity. But, I am daily reminding myself, that we gave this decision to God and we are trusting Him with it. When the Psalm says "commit your path to the Lord" it means gives it all you have, 100% in and then trust God for the outcome. If we truly give it into His hands, then we can trust Him to help us through.

So, having said all that...let's start our first day.

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