Thursday, January 21, 2010

Best Thing Ever #1

Ok, yes I knew something hideous was going to hit today after the surprising success of yesterday's school-the-go adventure. But knowing it was coming didn't make it any easier to deal with the train wreck of whining and complaining that hit me right in the face this morning.

Soooo, instead of dwelling on my pulsing whine-grane headache and continuing to ponder the possibility that my children really have hatched a devious plot to drive me crazy with their ultra-sonic whine weapons, I am going to grab a handful of dark chocolate M&Ms and launch a new tradition here at my humble homeschool blog. My Best Thing Ever feature. Catchy huh? I figure since I'm learning as I go, I'd share the purchases, freebies or handmade goodies that are really helping me. See, I'm all about the greater good...even when I'm just typing so I can stay in total denial of the kid chaos threatening to erupt at any moment. Hmmmm...too much information?

Anyway, moving right along, here's the first installment. My first Best Thing Ever is...drum roll please...a white board. Ok, that's kind of a let down I'm sure. You were probably expecting something a little flashier, a little cooler, but let me tell you our white board has been a life saver. Best Thing Ever! For some reason understood only by children and grown men with short attention spans, lessons are much more interesting when done on a white board. Sure you can do the same thing with pencil and paper, and use the exact same words, but it's just better when written on a white board with colored pens.

So there you go, it's not pretty and it's not expensive (Praise the Lord!), but it's my first whole hearted homeschool recommendation. Other than chocolate...that's just a given.

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