Friday, January 29, 2010

Light Bulb Moments

There are many things I've decided that I like about homeschooling. I like that our mornings are less rushed. No more breakfast in the car as we drive frantically to school. No more late night runs to Michael's to grab pipe cleaners or clay for a project due the next day. No more cleaning mashed up peanut butter sandwich leftovers in the lunchbox. All good things. But I've decided that my very favorite part of homeschooling are the light bulb moments. Those moments when suddenly everything clicks in Ella's mind and she understands something new. That's the best.

Earlier this week we were studying the Exodus and while I was reading the Bible passage describing the Passover, Ella suddenly stopped and said, "Oh Mommy! It's Pass Over. You know, the angel passed over the houses of the Israelites." For a 7 year old, that was a big moment of religious was a high wattage light bulb moment. Kind of like when she got the concept of carrying numbers in addition. Another big, bright light.

Those moments are invigorating and encouraging and joyful. And that's just me. I'm sure Ella's a fan too.

I've struggled this past month with not having a benchmark to measure Ella's progress do I know she's learning enough? Is she keeping up with her grade level? Is she falling behind? Am I teaching the right things? But then suddenly that light bulb will flip on and for one brief moment I can see clearly that we're both doing just fine.

Happy Friday!


  1. Those light bulb moments are what make learning fun too. You bang your head against the wall of confusion and understanding over and over and suddenly you break through and it all makes sense. I remember laughing about that with one of my physics professors at CLU after I experienced one of those bright light moments.

  2. Yay! That's the best part of teaching. ^__^ I treasure those moments, not only from the classroom, but from when I was a youth leader at the church. Sometimes it happens in real life, too, just in conversation with a friend, and it is always (always!!) a cause for celebration. I'm so proud of you, Sis