Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day of School

Technically today was our second day of school. But I didn't have a blog yesterday to post about our actual first day of school so instead I'm posting it today and I'd like all of you to pretend that it was posted yesterday. Ahem, so here we go, today is Monday Jan. 4th, our first day of homeschool.

And guess what...it was a good day. Of course we cheated a little bit. Captain Daddy was home for 2 weeks leave and Monday...er...today...was his last day home. So we took Ella and Jack to Chuck E. Cheese in the morning. That counts as a field trip, right? There was:

* physical education - crawling through those plastic tubes like hamsters on Red Bull
* math - counting mouse faced paper tickets
* and health - standing still as I showered them in Lysol

On the way home Ella loudly proclaimed "I love homeschooling!"

But, rest assured my virtual accountability community, we did get actual education accomplished. I haven't received all of Ella's curriculum yet, so we were limited to Math and Geography. Math was a big hit, Geography...not so much. Which makes me wonder if she's really my daughter...cause I totally would have gone the other way.

And here's the best part...after Math my sweet Ella looked at me and said "this is so much fun!" Woohoo!! Ok, I know it was just the first day and it wasn't even a full day and there was that whole Chuck E. Cheese set-up, but still, I did a little happy dance. First day done and no tears, no complaining and no whining. And Ella was good too. :)

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