Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Denial

More snow. Sigh. There is a snow shovel and a pair of gloves in my very near future. But for the moment I am in snow denial. Maybe if I just don't look at that thick blanket of freshly fallen, unflavored Slurpee stuff laying all over my car and driveway it will disappear all by itself. Ya think? Is there some loop hole in the laws of physics that I can exploit to avoid the snow shovel? No? Drat.

And to make matters worse, wouldn't you just know that there's a life lesson buried in the midst of all this cold white stuff falling from the sky. Here's a tip for any of my fellow Californians who may one day find themselves on the opposite coast...if you don't shovel the snow the same day it falls it will freeze overnight and turn to ice. And guess what, shoveling ice is way harder than shoveling freshly fallen snow. How do I know this interesting bit of weather related knowledge? Because I have in fact shoveled ice. And it was a back breaking, frustration inducing bummer.

So what is our life lesson for the day? If we don't deal with a problem when it first presents itself, not only will it not go away, it will freeze and turn into a bigger problem. It can be a problem that comes upon us, perhaps a health issue, or a broken relationship, or it can be a problem that comes from within, perhaps a secret sin or bitterness or anger that we are holding in our hearts. The longer we let it go, the harder it will be to clean up.

So for all of my current snow denial, I will indeed be outside in my jacket, cap, scarf and gloves making a path for the mini-van to escape our driveway. That's right, I'm bundling up like the Michelin Man...I have every intention of sacrificing my pride to keep warm.

Here's hoping you have a snow free weekend...or if that fails, then here's hoping that you find an enterprising teenager to do the shoveling for you.


  1. I love you. I love your posts. And I have to admit - I love shoveling snow. The chill, the quiet. Next time I'll be there to help you. I shoveled my drive once today, and should really go out again and re-do-it since the Lord blessed us with more snow. Now to deal with other problems as I deal with the snow ... Shel

  2. Sis, you amaze me. And bless my life in more ways than you can even imagine. Thank you...