Wednesday, January 20, 2010

School On The Go

I have a funny feeling that today is just the first of many mobile schoolhouse days. I had to take my mini-van...yes, I have a mini-van. I used to drive a Camaro and now I have a mom-mobile. But it's totally tricked out (she says in a vainly trying to sound young & hip voice). I'm so old.

Anyway, this morning I had to take my sweet ride (complete with empty My Little Pony fruit chews wrappers and crushed Goldfish crackers permanently ground into the carpet fibers) to the mechanic to get the front brakes worked on. I was anticipating a few hours in the waiting room (and I was not disappointed) so I waltzed into the office looking like I was ready to set up camp. Purse, diaper bag, Ella's backpack, Jack's backpack, snack bag, bottled water, jackets...we were ready to make ourselves right at home.

And of course 30 seconds after I handed my keys to the mechanic who could have crushed my immediate financial future to bits, I was handing Ella her math book. And she was great about it. She curled up on the sofa and did her lesson. Jack was even really good coloring and playing with dinosaurs. Ella got through an entire math lesson and half of her reading book before she starting grumbling. By that time we only had 15 minutes or so before the van...I mean the sweet ride....was ready.

So our first school-on-the-go adventure was a success. I only forgot one thing, the number chart, and Ella managed without it. Gotta say, I'm feeling pretty good. Of course that probably means tomorrow is going to be a whole other kind of adventure. What can I say...I'm Irish. Our luck works that way.

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  1. You're lucky, rats could have eaten all your electrical wiring....he he he ;]
    Love You!