Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There's a Storm Coming

Ayah, there's a storm a brewin'. Could be a big one, best board up the windows. That's my grizzled Maine sailor accent, complete with slicker and pipe. Did you catch it? Yep, I can blog with an accent. Impressive, huh?

Aside from the fact that there really are storm clouds on the horizon outside my windows, I am speaking more of a metaphorical storm that is brewing on our homeschool horizon. I started something new this week with Ella and I'm not sure how it is going to turn out. Could be a really good thing. Could be a perfect storm of tears and whining that sinks our little fishing boat of home based education.

In an attempt to teach Ella to take more responsibility for her schoolwork and to end the "how much more do I have to do" line of questioning, this week I made a work card for Ella. It lists every subject she studies and every lesson she has to complete this week. I showed it to her and told her that she has to finish everything on the card but she can decide which lessons to do each day. She liked the idea and jumped right on board.

Now, after two days of work, she is right on track with her Bible lessons, completely done with her Explode the Code and writing assignments and halfway done with grammar and history. But, she's only done 1 math lesson (out of 6) and no science. Uh-oh. Friday could be an ugly, ugly day. I'm picturing 3 hours of math accompanied by a full orchestra of sighing, whining and begging.

But, that forecast is three days away. So check back often for updates, you never know when the weather will turn. Did I totally beat that metaphor into the ground? Ok, just checking. In the meantime, we'll stock up on supplies (chocolate and earplugs) and pray for sunshine. I mean actual sunshine this time. I'm so over rain.

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